Bull Vs Criminal Justice

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TV dramas have been around for decades, using various themes and genres with the goal to tell a compelling story for us, the viewer, to be entertained with. Due to this focus, the finite details of real world professions and systems are often skewed, sped up, or blatantly ignored. The criminal justice system is one such example in which TV dramas have always taken shortcuts for the sake of the narrative and the new CBS crime drama Bull is no exception. Bull is another TV drama focused on the criminal justice system. However, the key distinction between this show and similar dramas is that the show is focused on the jury and the voir dire process. The show has a very interesting major plot device that allows this to work. They use a supercomputer, …show more content…
Going back to the voir dire, one major issue was that the computer was supplying Bull with info about each jury member while it was in process. So, he would use signals to tell the defendant whether to use a challenge on a juror. In fact, the judge even references this by saying “Who is it that you keep staring at?” to the defendant making the cuts. There are times when the defendant can collaborate with the paralegal or assistant before the process, but to assist in the process while its being done seems like foul play. Also, the fact that the judge saw this and didn’t do anything but ask who Bull was, seems inaccurate since any real judge would’ve criticized the defendant for seeking outside help during the voir dire. Another problem comes at the end of the episode when Taylor’s mom is revealed to be the murderer. Bull figured this out and sends a whole squad of police members to raid her apartment merely hours after Brandon’s trial ends. Given the allotted time there is no way Bull could secure solid warrant to raid her house, which is necessary to search a home, or even build a case against her considering she wasn’t even a suspect (Cole, Smith, & DeJong, 2015). On top of that, all the evidence was circumstantial which makes getting an affidavit for the warrant that much harder to

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