Building The Wall Of Separation Essay

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Building the Wall of Separation For many years the argument of whether religion should be allowed in schools has been debated over what was “politically correct” according to the US Constitution. Since the writing of this document, the separation of church and state has driven a fine line as to what is constitutional and what is not. Public education has created the controversy to become more of an issue due to the fact that public schools are federally funded. The principle that religion should not be allowed in educational institutions has come to the attention of many that have decided to have a say as to why there should be a commission of these actions. Several school systems and student bodies have come together to take a stand against the regulations not allowing religion to be present. Many studies conducted by researchers show the levels of variation in the effects that religion has on students in schools. As many have stepped up to address this issue, more and more incidents have occurred in efforts to resolve this problem. The allowance of religion in schools is one of the many controversial issues that is taking the nation by storm as to what is the correct way to handle this. In today’s society, it is hard for one to walk the tightrope of being politically correct. This idea has made such an impact on people as we continue to escape from the founding principles that created this great nation. The founding fathers made the statements that the…

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