Building A Thriving Property Management Essay

1012 Words Nov 5th, 2015 null Page
Attracting and retaining homeowner-clients is essential to building a thriving property management (PM) business. Understanding client expectations empowers real estate professionals to craft a business plan that appeals to both intrinsic and external values. Today, advanced technology supports value-based marketing and service strategies that enable administrators to meet client expectations and achieve PM business goals.

This eBook outlines a few common expectations and the role technology plays in building long-term relationships.

Attracting Homeowners with Intentional Marketing

Before you an build a long-term relationship (attract clients who are anxious to renew the contract every year), you must decide what type of property you want to manage and develop a target owner persona. Do you want to rent single-family homes? Multifamily properties? A combination of both? Are you willing to accept units inside a gated community governed by HOA rules and regulations? Maybe you are more interested in focusing on certain districts or neighborhoods in your area. Make a list of property types and services you will offer.

Then, think about what type of owners you are most interested in attracting. As a small business owner, you may want to cast a broad net. Or, you may want to specifically target your marketing efforts toward retirees or people ready to downsize, who aren 't looking to sell their home immediately. Where you advertise matters. Print, social media, radio and…

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