Office Management Case Study: Platinum Luxury Realty Firm

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Case Study Platinum Luxury Realty Firm (PLRF), is an upscale real estate firm located in an upscale coastal community. Platinum Luxury Realty Firm has two locations, featuring both upscale sales and rentals. There are there is one office manager, two brokers in charge, one at each location, there is a total of 4 receptionists, 2 graphic designers/social media experts, and a total of 15 licensed real estate agents working in both offices. There has been a lack of cohesion among the staff, with little continuity in the experience of the clients, with complaints reported to the office manager. PLRF’s mission statement is “Exceptional properties & individuals, artfully matched, for a phenomenal happily …show more content…
In the case of PLRF offices that challenges that I anticipate consist of personality conflicts and a lack of leadership. PLRF has not implemented any protocol’s in place, for any office procedures, leaving the consultant to begin from the ground up. Leadership development initiated for the entire staff will need to be customized to each role, it is unnecessary to overwhelm, everyone with unnecessary training. Purposely identifying the leadership skills needed for each role, will allow the consultant the ability to seamlessly implement effective leadership changes, appropriate to their position. Discovery Personality The dynamics of a successful high-end real estate firm is multi-faceted, legalities, customer service, marketing, advertising, social media, administrative, un-regulated hours, and personalities all play a critical role in the daily operation of PLRF. Many of the daily operation challenges are common to general business, making this aspect protocol development, uncomplicated. The biggest challenge when working with PLRF will be the charismatic personalities of the realtors, successful sales people are confident business professionals, that have relied on their skills to propel them forward in their career. Sales is notoriously a competitive environment that breeds a guarded professional attitude, it is imperative that the consultant be sensitive to these idiosyncrasies. Protocols for sales professionals should include flexibility to allow the individuals to retain their unique personality, while conforming to the structured protocols implemented. Consulting

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