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Buffalo Bill had a hard life as a kid and after his father abandoned the farm and went to stage driving , he had to help support the family, then after his mother and father passed, he had a family of his own that he could support, because he was a successful rifleman and a buffalo hunter.

Buffalo Bill (William Frederick Cody)was born on February 26,1846 to his parents named Isaac Leacock Cody and Mary Ann Leacock Cody. He lived with them until Bill's father abandoned the farm they were at, and then after they left. Bill, his mother, and his father left to Salt Creek Valley in the vicinity of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where bill's father died. “Buffalo Bill had some education to help with acquiring the art of writing his name and simple
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“Bill had a farm boy life filled with work. Bill’s dad took bill along and taught him stagecoach driving until he was 11. When he turned 11 he became a “breadwinner” for a short time.” (Charles Scribner’s Sons) When Bill was 12 he went to school where he learned to write in short sentences and read. In 1859 Bill went to Denver for the gold rush. Bill did return in 1860 and he was immediately hired as a rider for the pony express. In 1861 he joined a local organization of Jayhawkers, and in 1863 he he served as a scout with the 9th Kansas Cavalry. “On March 6,1866 he married Louisa Frederick in St.Louis.” (Charles Scribner’s Sons)

In 1916 Bill and his wife moved to Denver. Bills health wasn't that good and on January 10,1917 William Frederick Cody “Buffalo Bill” died. “Bills body was carried to the capital and was placed in a temporary tomb. On June 3,1917 his body was moved to the top of lookout mountain. His wife then died in 1921 and was buried next to Bill.” (Charles Scribner’s Sons) “Buffalo Bill has paved the way for people to live in the west. He has helped with mail on the train. He helped find gold for the people. Bill has served for his country numerous times and became a successful rifleman and buffalo hunter.” (Gale

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