Buddhism 's View On Abortion Essay

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Buddhist teachings and worship have successfully influenced individuals and the community. This is because teachings and worship have proven beneficial towards the individuals and the community. Buddhism’s view on abortion has addressed to individuals how to deal with this practice. The Dalai Lama, acknowledging his respectable reputation and through various communication formats, has expressed his knowledge of his understanding of the Buddhist teachings for many communities. Within Temple Puja, the practice has guided individuals and communities to develop their character to live in a more Buddhist lifestyle by developing better judgment for the individual. Due to how Buddhist teachings and worship are able to relate to individuals and the community, the impacts of the teachings and worship would thus be great.

Teachings on abortion impact individuals and the community due to how the bioethical issue has drawn controversy. This is because the practice has been viewed as acceptable in some parts of society considering that it can essentially be accounted for as murder. Buddhist teachings that address this are understood as the Four Noble Truths, the Five Precepts and the Eightfold Path. Abortion deals with the Four Noble Truths since the suffering of the mother would be ended if there would have been physical and mental harm to the mother if her pregnancy would proceed. In some cases, it would have ended the suffering of the unborn child assuming if the child were to be…

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