Buddhism Reflection Papers

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Buddhism appreciates all the things existing in the universe as they make the world exquisite and pleasant. However, in Buddhism, there is no issue about the world existing because God created it. The universe is regarded like an inn whereby individuals should enjoy as long as they live. The years lived in the world go faster like moving dust. The world is made up of several celestial Buddhas, deities and bodhisattvas that look forward to giving inspiration to the Buddhists Some of the most popular Buddhas in the universe include Laughing Buddha, Medicine Buddha, Yin, Kuan, White Taras and Green Taras . These are the most important aspects in so far as the nature of the cosmos is concerned in Buddhism. Buddhism has got two types of cosmology …show more content…
It is necessary to appreciate the good work done by other religious groups. Buddhism respects the existence of multi-religious clusters in the society and a society that is made up of several cultures. Tolerance is key in holding the society together. At all times, Buddhism does not condone religious wars as well as forcefully converting individuals to other religions. Non-violent means should be used to sort out conflicts in a skillful manner. Buddhism is a religion that does not believe in the existence of God. The principles of Buddhism do not go hand in hand with the monotheistic beliefs of other religions that hold God centrally. Buddhism applies rationalism, humanism and secularism despite being non-atheistic. It is concerned with the best approaches that can be used to do away with the social evils of the society. This is all about accepting principles proper codes of behavior and conduct. There is no supreme God as well as an abstract God in Buddhism and so it is important to understand that in Buddhism personal gods are responsible for controlling all the activities in the universe (Sadakata and Gaynor, 1998). There are so many gods in Buddhism however only one of them is the most powerful and believed to control all the happenings on earth. Buddhism believes in life after death, and this is the reason as to why its members hold dearly its teachings. The religious life of the Buddhists has got a close relationship with old living. Whatever is done by the Buddhists is in line with the teachings of the ancestors and does not object them in any way whatsoever. The religious life of the Buddhists concentrates on how best one can avoid unpleasant life so that people live comfortable lifestyles. To contain human suffering, it is crucial to understand how the world operates so that one does not find himself on the wrong side. The suffering of people is based

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