Buddhism Is A Good Example Of Religion Cultural Diffusion Essays

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There are vast amount of things within our daily lives that have been a result of cultural diffusion. These can range from food, religion, economics, and even technology. Buddhism is a good example of religion cultural diffusion. It reached China, due to cultural diffusion as it was favoured by the merchants along the silk roads, and therefore, was able to extend into China. Buddhism would be met with its patrons, as well harsh critics. Some viewed Buddhism as an outside force that had no place in Chinese society compared to Confucianism; for example: Han Yu’s Memorial Discussing the Buddha’s Bone, where he expressed his disdain for Buddhism. China would receive Buddhism close to the original, other nations such as Japan, had it go through several other nations before it finally received it. However, while Buddhism may have been a foreign concept, it was able to plant its roots deep within East Asia because of how it had developed throughout East Asia Although Buddhism was looked at as foreign, it was not spread through force, and no one was subjected to a forced conversion; as opposed to a religion such as Christianity, which had several instances—the crusades, for example—where people were subjected to forced conversion. Buddhism did originate in China like Confucianism, but it was picked up and followed by many throughout China. As explained by Ebbrey in Pre-Modern East Asia, Buddhism can be seen as almost universal in that almost anybody could turn to Buddhism.…

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