Essay on Buddhism : A New View On Spirituality

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It is believed that Buddhism originates in India around 5th century and traces back to a man by the name of Siddhartha Gautama. Who formed a group of people who were against the idea of the old Vedic religion (the predecessor of Hinduism) and were after a new view on spirituality.
The legend says Siddhartha was a prince born to a King and queen who saw the suffering outside the walls of his glorious life a sought a way to free himself and others from sickness, death and old age. He decided to leave his palace, wife and son to become a monk to learn about life and what caused the suffering.
After a long time, trying different ways to achieve enlightenment, he did, becoming the Buddha or the Enlightened One. For the rest of his life, he taught Dharma a way to alieve the suffering of this world and establishing a community of monks to pass this teaching on. After his death, this early group of monks morphed into a movement, this became the basis of Buddhism
Buddhism teachings are divided into four main parts called the Four Noble Truths. They go as this:
• The First Noble Truth explains that all life includes suffering and pain.
• The Second Noble Truth sates that suffering is caused by desire and hate and getting what we want does not equal happiness.
• The Third Noble Truth says that this suffering cannot be avoided but overcome and that true happiness can be attained.
• The Fourth Noble Truth is simply that the Noble 8-fold path is the path to…

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