Buck&Pulleyn's Case Analysis Essay

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Buck & Pulleyn’s Team Management:
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Buck & Pulleyn`s is an advertising company with a good reputation for its hard-working, yet caring organization, that is able to retain both employees and clients. 3 years ago, the CEO Chris Pulleyn introduced a restructuring process to render the organization more team-based. This concept was fairly new for advertising companies which were usually organized hierarchically. Today, Chris Pulleyn is observing an increase in revenues and a still favorable reputation. Nevertheless, she sees that there are still internal conflicts among individuals and teams and wonders whether there is space for improvement or potential risks.

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This definitely is a problem under the new structure because they get the best contracts and incentives. Also, their main customer is XEROX, which was one of the original reasons for team-based operation. The Purple Team definitely suffers from its ACDs attitude that the team idea is pointless given the waves of taskforce after taskforce. Yet, Kathy Cairo has a point in her opinion, as the lack of decision making power of the individual teams seems to hinder her team´s development. The Green Team is still in its development and still has to grow. Its ACD, Bob Kiesow, develops the team idea well and fosters team work. The case also mentioned the Blue Team that should be in its early development but it is not mentioned furthermore. We therefore assume that it does not emerge from its formation stage which might be due to a misallocation in resources. The team might also have been abandoned or regrouped.


Organizational Analysis
A major area of problems at Buck & Pulleyn´s is the organizational structure and its implications. The general management team consists of Chris Pulleyn and Dan Foster. These two are both stockholders in the company and handle most of the decisions in the company. Since Chris Lyon is also a stockholder of the company, it would make sense for him to be part of the General Managers. So

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