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Kudler Fine Foods SR-KF-013 Paper

Kudler Fine Foods SR-KF-013 Paper

Kathy Kudler, and her company, Kudler Fine Foods, are attempting to initiate a customer loyalty program. According to Kudler (2007)This loyalty program, also called the frequent shopper program, is designed to award points for customer purchases which can then be redeemed for valuable gift items such as airline seat upgrades to first class or other specialty foods offered by Kudler. This program is designed to benefit Kudler by increasing customer loyalty and improving their profitability and bottom line. The ability to accomplish this goal in a manner that will produce the expected results efficiently and in a timely manner will be greatly enhanced through
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* Comparison of the cost of redeemed items vs. wholesale cost.
Summary of Project Feasibility
Purpose of Project
As noted earlier, the purpose of this Kudler project is to implement a customer tracking system. The proposed system will be used to monitor, track, and compute individual customer sales. Kudler (2007) has partnered with a loyalty points to provide customers with points which can be redeemed for high end gift items, airline first-class upgrades, or other specialty foods. (Sales Plan 2007: Better Information Management, para 1).
Company Background
According to the Kudler company website (2007), Kudler Fine Foods is a local specialty food store with three (3) locations in San Diego. The company was founded by Kathy Kudler who had a vision to provide the finest ingredients and accessories necessary to complete a recipe in a one stop shopping experience (Strategic Plan 2003: Background, para 1). It is important to recognize the need for a feasibility study to ensure an adequate return on the investment of people time and money necessary to undertake this project.
Proposed Customer Reward Management Systems Acknowledging the lack of personnel resources

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