Brutus : A Deeper Meaning Of What Can Go Through The Human Mind

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William Shakespeare all throughout his plays contains a deeper meaning of what can go through the human mind. The characters in Julius Caesar had their own intentions of what could be the outcome or goal that they could individually achieve through the chaos unfolding.
Brutus is one of the main characters in the story and he is also the main characters in the decisions and development. The domino effect that led to most of the dismay and chaos are initially caused by the choices of Brutus as being a figurehead for the conspirators. Brutus shows hints of the guilt consuming him in the end of everything that burdens him, the death of Portia, the battle in Rome, and the ghost of Caesar constantly reminds him of his past actions.
The guilt of killing Caesar is what breaks and shatters him for Caesar was the only one truly surprised that Brutus was there giving him the final blow, to the horrifying realization that your best friend and most trusted is what ends you.The world and the duties of the emperor were passed onto him while the misfortunes of his personal life consume his psyche affecting his better judgment. Consciousness and the way of the war and power thus divide his minds of the true righteous path to take.

Brutus has faced confliction since the very beginning. In his orchard, his mind splits from the thoughts of what could happen, what would happen if he joined the conspirators. His minds conjure up many scenarios of his decisions weighing each one heavily. For…

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