Brother Can You Spare A Dime Essay

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Brother can you spare a Dime essay:
What was America like during the Great Depression? If you listen to E.Y Harburg’s song “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” I think that question could easily be answered. I think this song really encompasses the whole crash in the Great Depression. The lyrics basically go over how everyone used to be prosperous but they have lost everything. It gives the listener insight into the fact no matter what social class or profession you held in the 1920’s, the depression effected everyone. The artist does a thorough job of conveying the desperation and hopelessness of the people to us in the song. The lyrics tell the listener a story of riches to ruin.
Based on the interpretation of the lyrics the easiest meaning of the song is a story of the fall of the American economy. The first stanza talks about how he used to be able to find jobs and whoever was willing to work, could work. Then in the second stanza he refers to the American Dream being shattered, he infers the work is all gone by stating “Why should I be standing in line just waiting for bread” which would indicate that due to unemployment there is no money to support oneself or their family. In the third and fourth stanzas he refers to the industrial revolution of America with the building of the railroads and skyscrapers and how the depression has brought all of that to a standstill. When he asks his buddy to spare a dime in the song, I interpreted that as meaning a neighbor turning to…

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