Brief Summary Of ' Crane ' Essay

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To begin I think it’s best to give a brief summary of our story. Crane shows us a small army of men, ready to fight, ready to move. The men appear to be bickering back and forth as to when, and where they’re headed to. So instead of experiencing their instant glory, instead they get tedious waiting. Next we’ll meet a young boy named Henry who wishes to enlist, but his mother tells him to not be a fool. However, by the next day Henry had gone to town and enlisted in a company that was to be formed. Henry has a sort of excitement about the ideas of war. The youth have engaged in their first battle, where they saw many of their fellow brothers die. As we see the next battle approach, Henry’s fear starts to fill him with doubt, and he runs away. He’ll continue this retreat for a while. He’ll hear how his regiment has held the enemy back, but he still doesn’t return. In a sense it’s ironic how he returns. Once he slows he hears the sound of a battle in the distant, and returns to the battle from which he fled. Henry comes across a lot of wounded men looking for medical assistance. He then meets a solider, identified as “a tattered solider”, whom he befriends. Henry will come across wounded men from his company, when they pass he will become devastated. He torments himself over his lack of courage, and can’t seem to overcome the guilt that keeps him from going back to his regiment. Henry becomes wounded when he sees soldiers retreating, and tries to stop one to ask what’s going…

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