Brie Duvall: A Short Story

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Tabitha idly circles her index finger around the rim of her Manhattan’s glass. She is thinking about the new information she received only a few moments ago. She has already forgotten which of the three twits surrounding her brought it up, and if those screechy giggles that keep breaking into her thoughts are any indication, the girls have already moved on to criticize the maiître d’s new dye job. But the information itself keeps resurfacing in Tabitha’s thoughts. A new family has joined the club. The wife’s name is Brie Duvall. She has two children, a boy and a girl, and a husband rich enough to buy out all four husbands of the ladies at the table with merely the change in his Armani suit pocket. Tabitha purses her lips. No, she decides, this …show more content…
I mean, first, look at that outfit.” The other girls shake their heads in disapproval as they take in the white stilettos paired with puffy shorts, a stitch Free People peasant top, and an oversized Coach handbag. “Then, when you think she’s reached the maximum level of embarrassment, she goes and outdoes herself by parking in the western compound parking lot. But wait,” she says in a pitiful impression of Billy Mays, “there’s more! She’s here with only one minute to spare. She’s not even being fashionably late. She’s simply disgracefully close to being …show more content…
Mimi assures Tabitha that the wheels will be set in motion tonight and the end result will be delivered by pick up time tomorrow. The plan: 1) Torture Brie for a day until she's wishing she's dead. 2) Don't give in to that request. 3) Add more firewood to Brie's personal inferno by taking away the lives of her children. 4) Have the gang offer to help Brie pack her bags. She's going to want to get out of town in a hurry.
As soon as Tabitha disconnects the line, Mimi dials up Brookside. She checks her watch as she hears endless ringing in her ear. It's not even 4:00 PM yet. The high schoolers are still in school. It cuts to voicemail. Mimi hangs up without leaving a message and calls again. There's no reason for the headmaster to be unavailable right now. Voicemail, again. She calls one more time.
"Mimi, I thought I told you not to call while I was at school," the headmaster says upon finally answering the phone.
"Don, I'm calling solely to discuss school affairs. Don't be so full of

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