Bridget Jones 's Diary By Helen Fielding Essay

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Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding has been one of the classic romance novels in its genre. Romance, as a genre, has its certain key factors to make it what it is. It encourages escapism so that the readers can still have adventures and be safe in their homes. It provides unconventional and unrealistic relationships that we may never encounter in our own lives and gives us a chance to live vicariously through the characters in the book. Sometimes this genre even gives us an exotic flavour and dealings with people of wealth. It usually involves a younger man or woman and also delves into the comical aspects of relationships. These novels also involve similar stories of likes and dislikes within the characters. However, the characters lack diversity most times, which is a commonality within this entire genre. The fundamental aspects of the romance genre include the maiden, the rake/scoundrel, and the good man. These archtypes will be delved into later in this essay when the themes of the novel are discussed. This genre generally goes through the power dynamics between men and women and how life is usually a lot more displeasing and unpleasant for the female. Bridget Jones is the perfect example of this because she is so miserable throughout the beginning of the novel. The purpose of this genre is to rouse passions, the readers are meant to be moved by what is written. It is focused on the experiences of women and the main audience of this genre is of course the female…

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