Bride Burning Is A Form Of Domestic Violence Essay

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Bride burning is a form of domestic violence where in a husband or his family kills the bride due to his dissatisfaction over the amount of the dowry. Dowry is a process where parental property is distributed to a daughter at her marriage. A woman dies every hour in India due to the demands placed upon her family as result of the dowry system. A dowry death is the death of a young woman in South Asian countries, primarily India. Women are murdered or driven to suicide by her husband. This results from the husband continually attempting to extract more dowry from the bride or her family. Bride burning is just one form of dowry death. Other bride burning forms are acid throwing and Eve teasing because dowry typically depends on class or socioeconomic status, women is often subjected to the dowry pressures of their future husband or his relatives (Bride Burning). The more culturally-founded theories suggest that in a highly patriarchal society such as India, a woman’s role is defined from before she is born. Which places her as lesser than men in the society. Women were seen as a burden and an extra mouth to feed. Once a woman marries, she is to stay with her husband and has to obey any type of demands from her in-laws. Dowry is used as a means to gain a higher socioeconomic status. A status is continually gained, the demand for the bridal dowry increases in order to keep moving up in the society (Bride Burning).
In 1961, the Government of India passed the Dowry…

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