Breast Cancer : Support The Fight Essays

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Breast Cancer: Support the Fight Numerous families here in the United States are affected by breast cancer each year. Some women are affected by this disease for the first time, while others have to re-live this experience. Whether the cancer has returned or is discovered for the first time, breast cancer patients, survivors, and their families, need continuous support. Being diagnosed with this disease is very overwhelming. More awareness should be brought to the fight against breast cancer because the patients, survivors, and their families need increased emotional, physical, and financial support. When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, her whole life comes to a halt. Awareness plays a vital role in the detection of any lumps or masses. Mbabazi states, “Early detection is the best protection. Most women die of breast cancer as a result of lack of awareness.” ("Breast Cancer Awareness - a Vital Weapon in the Fight Against the Deadly Disease", N.p.). If women were more aware of any unusual lumps or masses at the very beginning, the fight against breast cancer wouldn’t be as vigourous. The breast cancer survival rate would be higher than it is now. However, no matter what stage she is in she still has to focus on conquering the disease. Thus, her daily routine is now altered by the process of overcoming the illness. Her motherly duties are having to be modified, all while trying to stay strong for her loved ones. Depending on how much the cancer has spread, most of…

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