Breast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer Essay

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In the human body, cells have the ability to grow and divide, but when a group of cells malfunction, they can form a malignant tumor. When a malignant tumor develops in the breast, it is classified as breast cancer. Breast Cancer refers to the over cell proliferation (abnormal cell growth) forming in the tissue of a breast and eventually metastasizes (spreads) to different parts to of the body. This disease annually affects women regardless of their culture and ethnicity. In regards to Hispanic women population, breast cancer acts more aggressive in comparison to other ethnicities (Kouri et al., 2010). Hispanic Women diagnosed with breast cancer face symptoms and contributing risk factors due to genetics, but may increase their life expectancy with treatment.
Symptoms of breast cancer vary for each case, but the most common symptoms for women are the changing of appearance and feel of the breast or nipple. An average Hispanic women who has an advanced stage of breast cancer has symptoms that are noticeable and damaging to the body. Studies indicate that Hispanic women typically develop larger tumors (lumps) (Kouri et al., 2010). During the early stages of breast cancer, the existing lump may be too small to be felt, which is why women are encouraged to conduct a mammogram or self-examination for early detection. In cases where Hispanics experience advanced stages, the lump tends to feel harden and cause pain. The breast goes through radical physical changes like size…

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