Essay on Breast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer

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As of the January 1, 2014, there are 7,607,230 women living in the United States that have cancer, and about 1.8 million (13%) of these women were diagnosed with breast cancer (“International Cancer Control”). While scientists continue to try and find a cure for every stage of this vicious disease, one in 36 women die from breast cancer, making it the second leading cause of death in female cancer patients “What are the Key Statistics About Breast Cancer?”). If scientists are working to hard to find cures, how are there still so many people all around the world still dying from this life-altering disease? “98% of women with early stage breast cancer are alive at five years after diagnosis. However, according to National Breast Cancer Coalition, an estimated 20% to 30% of women will have a recurrence of their disease, and may go on to die of the disease” (“31 Truths”). Many women and men all over the United States, and world, suffer from this ruthless illness, and it is time that more people become aware of how horrible it really is. In order for someone to become truly educated about breast cancer, one must learn about the different stages, treatments, preventions, and causes. Breast cancer, like most other cancers, has stages that define the progress of the cancer. In medical terms, “Staging describes the severity of a person’s cancer based on the size and/or extent (reach) of the original (primary) tumor and whether or not cancer has spread in the body” (“Fact Sheet:…

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