Breast Cancer Informative Speech

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If you or a loved one was diagnosed with breast cancer, how would you feel? You would likely feel frightened and worried. Breast cancer is a common and possibly deadly form of cancer that affects both men and women. If the cancer is left untreated it can spread to other organs and eventually kill you. It is urgent that people understand how breast cancer forms, knows the stages of breast cancer, be familiar with who gets breast cancer and understand how all of the different ways to treat the cancer to prevent it from coming back. There are risk factors for getting the disease and different types of treatments for the people who have been diagnosed. Also, there are steps people can take to try to prevent the cancer or at least preventing it …show more content…
The cancer can be labeled as invasive or noninvasive. An invasive cancer means the cancer cells will spread from inside the breast to other parts of the body. With that being said, the cancer cells can reach the lymph nodes and spread to other organs like the lungs, liver, brain, or even bones. A noninvasive cancer means the cancer is still only found in the breast. The most common symptoms of breast cancer is finding a new lump in the breast. Other possible signs are swollen breasts, having irritated, red, thickening or dimpled skin on the breast, and having a breast nipple turning …show more content…
Kelly, is 50 years old and a breast cancer survivor for 10 years now. She stated that the battle was very rough on her and her family, especially her daughter. She was worried for her daughter because she didn 't know if she would get breast cancer as well but the doctor said that 's not always the case. The doctor advised to keep a look out for it and make sure she get regular checkups, so we can tackle the cancer at an early stage. Kelly, also said that she had chemotherapy which made her very sick. She had to go through intense treatments for about a year. Until she decided to her have breasts cut off which is called mastectomy. Being a survivor, she makes sure she educates women about the disease and lets them know that if she can make it so can

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