Breast Cancer : A Better Understanding Of Screening Method And The Lifetime Risk

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‘Mammography is nothing to be afraid of ‘
Yes or No are the questions of many women when it comes to make decision of going for breast cancer screening. Lot of women struggle in resolving such dilemma and many have rather negative approach. Women often know very little about the benefits of breast cancer screening and it seems that lack of informed choices can effect whether they will go for cancer screening or not. Perhaps, the better understanding of screening method and the factors contributing to breast cancer could help out in making right decision. Also the global incidence of disease and the lifetime risk are very convincing matter.
Breast cancer is second most common cancer affecting women in high-income countries. In the UK, on average 1in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point during their lifetime. The majority of breast cancers occur over the age of 50. The incidence is rising everywhere with yearly approximate estimate of 1.7 million new cases globally (The Open University, 2015a). The treatment can be successful only when cancer is discovered early, than there is bigger chance of long survival without signs of disease. Despite the high incidence of cancer in wealthy countries, the survival rate is much higher due to effective treatment and breast cancer screening.
Most reliable method for breast cancer examination is mammography. It is a special x-ray for breast examination which allows findings many cases of…

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