What Does Brand Criticize The Founding Fathers In Founder's Chic?

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In the article, Founder’s Chic, Brand criticizes the use and abuse of the founding fathers in today’s political life. Brand begins the article by quoting a statement by John Adams that the history of the revolution will be one continuous lie. The author claims that by focusing too much on the founding fathers and praising them for starting a nation, the ordinary citizen is undervaluing himself or herself. Brand presents a compelling argument that while the founding fathers started the nation, they had their own faults. Looking at the evidence and arguments presented by Brand, it is evident that the Revolutionary legacy has definitely been abused.
According to Brand, the Founders were far from being demigods and their characters were just more or less the same as any other ordinary citizen (3). Taking an example of Washington, Governor Morris considered him to be an austere general who could not be softened. An editor of the National Gazette accused Washington of being a monarchist who wanted to be treated like a king. During his time, Washington received criticisms that he had abandoned the real cause of the Revolution and that he could never have or maintain friendships. For instance, he was accused of abandoning Thomas Paine in a French prison, even though Paine was Washington’s friend. Brand
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Indeed, it is through their effort that the nation gained freedom and got its first independence constitution. However, according to Brand, something that is not clear is why the Founders were such virtuous that every other American generation falls short. This is a valid question that Brand asks that gets everyone thinking. It is quite odd that everyone marvels at the work of the founding fathers without the slightest consideration of their pitfalls. For instance, why doesn’t the average American question why the Founders, apart from Jefferson, did not deal with the issue of

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