Brady's Murder In 'Red Kayak'

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What would you do if you found out that your friends had committed a murder? A murder that may have jokingly been your idea. Brady, a 13 year old boy who lived on the Chesapeake Bay and his friends J.T. and Digger are the main characters in the book “Red Kayak”. Although Brady, Digger, and J.T. weren’t happy when the DiAngelos family bought the farm next door where they used to hang out, Brady never imagined his idea of a practical joke would go so far. Once he confronted his friends with evidence that he had found he learned that he was also responsible. Now a young boy is dead with his parents falling apart, and Brady has to make the most difficult decision of his life.
The DiAngelos family moved onto the farm that used to be owned by Digger’s
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The DiAngelos are hurting because of Ben’s death. Mr. DiAngelos blames his wife for what has happened and she blames herself. They don’t know that the storm isn’t what killed Ben. If Brady doesn’t tell the truth to everyone about what has happened, the DiAngelos will never be able to heal and forgive themselves or each other from this terrible mistake. If Brady decides to tell the truth, J.T and Digger could be convicted of 1st degree murder and Brady could never see them again. Brady doesn’t want to hurt his friends even more, they are already suffering inside with guilt. Even though Brady knows what they did was wrong he doesn’t know what to do. Brady’s friends pulled a prank they will always regret. A prank that took a life that can never be restored.
What would you do if you found out if your friends committed murder? Brady does and he’s in the middle of it not know who to turn his back to. The DiAngelos or his friends J.T. and Digger. In the “Red Kayak” everything is on Brady’s shoulders. The prank was just a little prank in till a storm came and it became more than a prank, but a

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