Brad Bushman The Death Penalty Analysis

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This Article is Brad J. Bushman’s opinion on why the Death Penalty should be “killed” off. Bushman believes the Death Penalty is “ deeply flawed” because of the process people go through for the Death Penalty. He states that the system is flawed mostly because it “models the behavior it seeks to prevent.” He disagrees with the fact that the government can kill people without punishment but people can not kill people without the same rights. He also states that it discriminates against poor people. If you are rich you can easily escape from the Death Penalty by hiring a “big-wig” lawyer but if you are poor and can not afford a lawyer then you get a state appointed one that does not fight as hard as the one making the big bucks. It also discriminates against African Americans. There are about 3,000 people on death row and 48% of them are African American. The odds of getting put on death row increase by 38% when you are African American. The death penalty does not help fight crime but causes more. The article states that states with the death penalty have “homicide rates 48%- 101% higher than the states that don’t.” He states that most people commit murder in an uncontrollable anger and that they do not think about the consequences, therefore it is not fair to …show more content…
When she went to trial all she wanted was the bomber to get the Death Penalty. She said, “And I also decided early on that the death penalty was the verdict that I wanted for him. I believe in my heart of hearts that he knew exactly what he was doing the moment before he did it, and possibly months before that. Among other horrific charges, he used a weapon of mass destruction to intentionally harm and kill people.” It would not be equitable to those 260 other people along with Adrienne to just get to see their murder/abuser walk away and happily be put in jail and taken care of for the rest of his

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