Boys vs. Girls Essay examples

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Boys Verses Girls

From the beginning of time, there has always been that one question that an expecting parent has been asked: “Do you want a boy or a girl?” Generally, the answer is this: “I don’t care as long as it is healthy.” This answer may or may not always be true. Some want pretty little girls to dress up with extravagant dresses and pretty bows, and some want rumble-tumble boys to play and roll around with. Regardless of which sex is preferred, we love both. The fact of the matter is, from tutus and dolls, to mud and bugs, boys and girls have many differences. Fashion is not a requirement when it comes to little boys. A t-shirt of any sort, along with some grass-stained jeans is always suitable for a young lad. No need to
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Girls were made to be pretty and sweet. When wondering through the girl’s section in a clothing store, you can find ruffled dresses with matching stockings, and to go with all that, you feel obligated to find the perfect shoes. It does not stop there either. There is a need to find the perfect little hair bows for their long, shiny pigtails to match as well. After countless times of being “trapped” in a pixie land of adorable, little girl’s clothing, there is a whole dresser and closet full of matching outfits. Every morning, it is a struggle to go through the piles and piles of clothing to decide what the little princess will wear, or even more so, what she will decide she will wear.
Dolls take a part in almost every play activity for girls, as if it is on of their ligaments. Little girls love to brush their dolly’s hair, change their clothes, and even doctor their “boo-boos”. These dolls, the parents of a little girl, and even the dog are often attending tea parties. I am never surprised to see Daddy wearing a princess crown and beads around his neck when he is so patiently playing a game dress up with his little girl.
Girls tend to be more fearful than little boys. They like soft, cute things, so the appearance of a monster or a dinosaur makes them nervous, instead, they long for kittens and bunnies. I fear of heights seems more common in girls than in boys. A little girl would much rather pick flowers

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