Bovine Somatotropin: A Case Study

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The European Union was concerned about beef from cattle that have been given growth hormones because it might lead to health problems if human consume it. Scientists used hormones to increase the growth rate of livestock, reduce fat, and increase milk production. Bovine somatotropin (BST), a hormone produced in cattle, was synthesized by biotechnology firm Genetech. The injections of BST increased the hormone production and growth rate of animals. This became popular among farmers because it cut costs and meet the consumer demands for slim meat. Countries such as Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand approved the hormones treated meat products. However, some people are concerned about the practice because the use of hormone supplements was unnatural and it …show more content…
tariffs of Chinese tire imports is the United Steelworkers. The United Steelworkers complaint to International Trade Commission of losing work to China because of their low tire cost. The US responded by placing a 3 years high tariff to Chinese import tires. Due to the harmed of Chinese imports the U.S. government is protecting the American producers who are suffering from market disruption. Thus, China accused the United State of violating WTO rules because the tariff is a “case of protectionism.” The group that suffered is China because the US is placing high tariff on their tire products. It is hurting Chinese import goods because the U.S. is making them pay high tariff cost which is unreasonable to them. The tariff tells us that other countries will raise the tariffs to make it harder to sell domestic products in foreign countries. If one country tries to restrict the import of goods from another country, the country will retaliate by restricting goods from that country. Even though one country thinks it is trying to protect their workers, but the other country thinks that they are attacking them by putting up limitation on their import

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