Boudicca Newspaper

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237890782 Tuesday, 15 September AD60 1 denarius Roman News

Brave Boudicca Defeated

Yesterday Boudicca, the queen of the Iceni tribe was defeated by the Romans led by Suetonius Paulinus. The great Roman army with only 10,000 soldiers defeated the disorganised men of Boudicca who had 100,000 warriors. The Romans used well - drilled battle techniques such as the wedge formation unlike the shambles that were used by Boudicca’s army. Also the Romans had lots of armour and weapons of choice but the Celts had only body paint as armour and farm equipment as weapons. So inevitably the Romans, who were better prepared than the Celts, won.


Then in
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There were 80,000 British deaths and only 400 Roman deaths. Boudicca saw the carnage and decided to take some poison instead of being captured by the Romans.


Boudicca’s Defeat Continued

Boudicca wanting to conquer more Roman land travelled north. Suetonius had finished with the Druids and was coming down to face Boudicca. They met on Watling Street and the next day had the battle there.

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