Bottom Line For Occupational Therapy Practice Essay

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Bottom Line for Occupational Therapy Practice:

There is an immense role occupational therapists can provided for survivors of domestic violence to improve their overall quality of life. Victims of domestic violence often have lifelong challenges and are at greater risk for many disorders and occupational deprivation. Plat-Jones (2006) explains the need for health professionals to have more education and knowledge on the topic of domestic violence. It is important for health care professionals to be aware of the risks as well as the possible indicators of domestic violence. Some possible signs of domestic violence to look for are as follows: frequent appointments for vague complaints or symptoms, missed appointments, or injuries that appear inconsistent with the explanations of accidental causes. For example, a patient/client that states they walked into door that caused bruising and fractures. Other indicators to be aware of are patients that try to minimize the extent of their injuries or try to keep them concealed by clothing, patients that appear frightened, excessively anxious and depressed or distressed. Patients who are always accompanied by a partner or other member of the family when they attended a consolation. As a healthcare professional it is imperative that we use our clinical observations to determine if any indications of domestic violence are present with the patients we encounter. When indications or concerns arise it is our ethical duty to ask…

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