Tiger Surgical Supply Case Summary

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The case analysis presents a French manufacturer of surgical supplies who establishes a production in Chin Minh City, Vietnam, where labor costs are low. The French surgical supply company, Bordeaux Plastique Fabricant, thought that establishing a foreign subsidiary in the emerging economy would be easy as well with the government relationships. However, since the beginning of the planning and investing, the company had early difficulties with the government. Philippe Desmarest, was placed in charge of all government relations and as the chief operating officer for the new facility. Philippe prepared many reports that showed how the joint venture between Bordeaux and a local partner would benefit Vietnam; however, the government officials were confused and suspicions about the company. After the permits of the plant were approved, the Tiger Surgical Supply was ready for production in 1997. Nguyen Tam Chien was selected to be the plant manager for the company. The production of Tiger Surgical Supply got a slow start and was far away initial …show more content…
The S&O strategy solves trust problems in a peculiar way, rather than opening a window into a negotiator’s interest and priorities, offer emphasize negotiator’s position. In addition, I will suggest to learn the country values and political system in order to understand better the type of government relationships with foreign business and take best decision that benefit both parties by creating a win-win situation. In addition, I will suggest for Philippe to spend more time getting to know the government officials by building relationships, then winning their trust by researching their history, culture, and

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