`` Bop `` By Langston Hughes Essay

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For my paper I choose to read “Bop” by Langston Hughes and essay published in 1949 in the book “The Best American Essays of the Century.” Originally I choose this essay honestly because it was the shortest; later to find out it was actually very interesting to me. When I began reading this essay I kind of figured what it was going to be about and how it was going to end, but the author made it much more than what I expected. In this essay I would say the structure is ranked the highest of all categories, because of the fact he has so little words with so much meaning behind them. In Hughes’ essay he explains how Be-Bop came around and why it means so much to him. He says that the words of the music actually have meanings behind them (Hughes 191). He really captures and explains the meaning of each word very well, which allows the reader to feel his pain and understand his reasoning. The fact that Hughes uses a character named Simple to explain the meaning of this music to his friend who in the beginning thinks Be-Bop music is nonsense really helps flow the essay and make it seem real. If Hughes were to just flat out explain why this music is important it would be boring and not so interesting to readers. The way the essay begins was well written. The author drags you in with funny humor then hits you with a serious and depressing paragraph that you would have never expected.
In the book “The Best American Essays of the Century.” There are essays written by writers who have…

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