Books Can Be Beneficial And Healthy Essay

1068 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
For many people, an obsession with a particular book series might seem like a strange thing. A lot of people consider this sort of obsession to be “unhealthy;” however, I believe that an obssession with a particular book series to be very beneficial and even healthy. Books can enrich our understanding of the world and teach us many things we may not necessarily learn in normal environments. Such as the plights of people who may not be considered to be normal. Books can also help us feel like someone understands the hard things we may face personally. When I was younger, I came across some difficult times in my life. Then one day Harry Potter flew into my life upon his broomstick, wand in hand, saved me from my own “Uncle Vernon,” and whisked me off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Finally I found a sense of belonging, like someone understood how I felt and helped me feel like it would be okay. Harry Potter took me on many journeys through forbidden forests, taught me the magic of love, and taught me that despite how bad things could be that they could be equally good at the same time. That wonderfully tragic story of the strange and lonely wizard boy shaped me into the person I am today. Harry Potter has taught me and so many others many different things and continues to shape me to this day. I am not the only person that the Harry Potter series has touched so deeply. Millions of people have been touched and shaped by the series. Some even say that an…

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