Book Review : ' Roll And Retell ' Essay

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Group Activity: After reading The Dinosaur Chase while asking and answering questions, the students will play “roll and retell” with their partner. Students will work with their reading partner and each have a roll and retell graphic organizer and a dice. The students will take turns and roll the dice. If it lands on one, the students will retell what the story is mostly about. If it lands on the number two they will discuss where the story takes place. If it lands on three they will discuss when the story takes place. If it lands on four they will retell who the main characters were. If they roll a five they will retell what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the book. If they roll a six they will discuss what questions they had about the story. They will record responses in their notebooks.

Share: Once the students have finished the assigned task, we will meet back on the rug to share. Each member of the group is expected to participate in the conversation by talking about one question or response their group analyzed and discussed together. We will go over the answers the groups came up with during roll and retell game. The students will answer questions orally such as, “What is retelling?” “What questions did you have during the story?” “Was your question answered at the end?” “Why or why not?”

Method of Evaluation: According to Bloom’s taxonomy, evaluating the students’ understanding and knowledge is important to make sure the class is ready to move…

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