Book Review : Personal Connection Of The Digital Age Essay

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Book review
"personal connection in the digital age" by Nancy Baym The book that I chose to review is called "personal connection in the digital age" by Nancy K. Baym. This book addresses the roles of digital media in personal relationships, especially, the internet and the mobile phone. She explains how online community affects our interpersonal relationships, whether this effect is positive or negative. This book consists of six chapters that cover the historical visions and theoretical perspectives about the influence of digital media on our society and personal connections. The first chapter highlighted some of the issues that caused by new media like the boundaries between private and public, especially internet users and mobile phone users. Those users reveal interpersonal information in mass realm. for example, a one makes a personal conversation by a cell phone in public spaces. for that reason the author said "This blurs the boundary between mass and interpersonal communication in ways that disrupt both. " She also addressed the seven concepts that distinguish between face to face communication and digital interaction which are: interactivity, temporal structure, social cues, storage, replicability, reach, and mobility. She argues that digital media can compete traditional communication in social cues, because the former is not limited to sound or word anymore. There are many social cues like facial expression and chatting during video calls in Skype and Tango…

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