Book Report On The Founding Fathers Were Right All Along. Larry Schweikart

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7 events that made America America and proved the founding fathers were right all along

Larry Schweikart is the author of 48 Liberal Lies About American History, What Would the Founders Say?, and co wrote of the New York Times bestseller A Patriots History of the United States. He has written many articles and academic books on national defense, financial history,and business. He has spoken numerous times on fox news and is a history professor at Dayton University.

Throughout the book Dr. Schweikart provides several occasions in American history in which an event did not play out as he feels the founding fathers would have preferred it play out.

For the duration of the book every event mentioned was a decision of an individual or had consequences decided by an individual. In the Dred Scott case the family originally would not grant him his freedom in Minnesota and when he asked for his freedom the court and judge denied him his freedom the flood of johnstown PA the government and first responders responsible for helping in natural disasters did not respond until several days later, but by that point the community had already banded together and no longer needed the help of the main government. Even though the community was no where near the level of livability it was at before the flood the people responsible for rescuing most of the citizens kindly declined the help of the government. A lot of the actions and events in this text are small things with a massive ripple…

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