Book Report On The Book ' How Of Lie With Statistics ' By Darrell Huffs Extraordinary Book

1421 Words Oct 31st, 2014 null Page
Although written almost 50 years ago, Darrell Huffs extraordinary book, How to Lie with Statistics, was a great read. Each chapter came with a lesson that is very important to learn. Each lesson is good to know so that you won 't get tricked. Now-a-days, people are very gullible and believe anything they hear especially if what they hear is “proven” with statistics. Are these statistics real? After reading chapter 1 of Darrell Huffs shows that we can see the reality of things that way we will not be tricked at all. To do this, he teaches us how to lie with statistics. While reading Chapter 1, Huff tells us that “The Average Yaleman, Class of '24, makes $25,111 a year.” (P. 11) is most likely very unlikely to be true. Anything that is that specific might not be real. He finds it very hard to believe. “two things about the figure stand out at first suspicious glance.” (P. 11) People who use exact figures have not done an appropriate sample, and those people create bad samples in every kind of way. If the sample is big enough and chosen right, it will represent the whole better. On the other hand, if the sample is very tiny and the creator is biased, the conclusions won 't be true. Sometimes people just respond to give an answer that pleases. Researchers who want to be taking accurate samples must eliminate chance of bias. A basic sample called “the random sample” must be used. “The purely random sample is the only kind that can be examined with entire confidence by means of…

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