Book Report on the Black Heroes of American Revolution Essay

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Enriched History Book report
The book I read for the enriched history project was Black Heroes of the American Revolution by Burke Davis. The reason I chose the book was because after looking at some of the books I thought I would be most interested in this one. On Revolutionary war day, there was a re-enactor of Edward Hector who told us much about African American soldiers. I have always been fascinated with African American History and wanted to know more about the soldiers Edward Hector talked about. Another reason I chose this book was because it was directly to the point instead of pages of filler it talked about who, when, where, and why with feeling.
This book was mainly written to inform readers about how many African American
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Edward Hector was still pouring shots into enemy ranks. Even after being told to abandon his artillery wagon that he had just pulled into battle, he still fired and made his most famous quote “I’ll never leave! I’ll save my horses or die myself!” Amidst the confusion, Edward Hector calmly gathered up a few stands of arms and safely returned with the wagon.
The most important revolutionary war hero talked about in the book was twenty two year old James Armistead. James Armistead was the slave of William Armistead and volunteered to be a soldier to General Lafayette to try and claim freedom. At the time General Benedict Arnold and Lord Cornwallis were in Virginia looting the streets. General Lafayette followed both of the small British armies without causing battles. But what General Lafayette really needed was a spy. General Lafayette called upon James Armistead to be his spy. James Armistead then went to Benedict Arnold’s camp and volunteered. James Armistead was never suspected to be a spy as he was a young smiling black man who happily served the British. James Armistead would later be known as the master spy of Yorktown. James Armistead often served Lord Cornwallis and Benedict Arnold dinner and as they were discussing plans James would just smile and pretend not to know what they were talking about. Within hours of James hearing these plans they would reach General

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