Bohemian Rhapsody Research Paper

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Freddie Mercury Freddie is the most influential singer because he is remembered by an asteroid,he made it to top 10 songs in Britain,and he also wrote one of there top hit songs Bohemian Rhapsody. Personal Life
Freddie studied piano in a boarding school, in India,that’s where he gets his talents from (Source #1). Freddie once had a stamp collection (Source #3). His stamp collection stays a treasure of his life's history (Source #3). In additionally he collected art.One time he spent more than $400,000 on a painting from China (Source #1). He was a very private person about his relationships (Source #1). We do know that he was married to Mary Austin then Jim Hutton (Source #2). He also was so rich he had a birthday where he flew a group of friends to a Ibiza an island, because he likes to have parties (Source #1).In addition he went to London's Ealing College of Art in 1960’s (Source #1).
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"We Are the Champions" and "We Will Rock You" were also very popular especially for sports events (Source #2). Freddie Mercury wrote and sang Bohemian Rhapsody which was their top hit (Source #1). Mercury and his band made it to the top charts of U.S. and Britain (Source #1). Mercury also appeared on science-fiction musical Time and a semi-operatic album Barcelona (Source

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