Essay Boethius 's ' The Consolation Of Philosophy '

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Boethius’ Knowledge Growth In The Consolation of Philosophy, by Boethius, Boethius writes about how Lady Philosophy helped him finally gain wisdom and see the truth of happiness. At the start of his imprisonment, Boethius was only thinking/writing through emotion, slowly he grew mentally and was able to develop a work that went from emotion to reason. Lady Philosophy gave him the stepping stones that he needed to be able to achieve what he has now. At the beginning of book one meter one, Boethius’ mind is clouded by the muses and he only sees himself in misery. “I who once wrote songs with joyful zeal Am driven by gried to enter weeping mode (Boethius 3).” Lady Philosophy appears as he is venting his sorrow away, she looks pristine and pure and she is angered that the muses are fueling the sickness in Boethius. Philosophy tells Boethius that she is there to heal him and let him see the truth. Here Boethius is acting through his emotions. The poetry that he was writing was about his sorrow, his mind is clouded and he could not even remember Philosophy. Slowly though, Philosophy says that she will expose the cure for his mind to him. She starts off with explaining the truth of fortune to him. Philosophy goes on to Boethius about Fortune, and how she truly is not a bad person. The truth of how Fortune works and her how Boethius should view her is concluded in book two meter eight. Although it may seem that Fortune taking away Boethius’ “good” fortune has ruined him, it has…

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