Essay on Body Language

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Body Language:
He May Be Into Her

23 February 2014
Body language is something that everybody observes even if they do not realize it. Just walking down the street we give out signals whether good or bad. While walking down the street have you have met someone in passing who just gave you the creeps well it was most likely their body language filling you in. There are several different areas of body language and they are all important whether you are going to a job interview or on a first date. Body language tells other people the things that you may be afraid to say.
Body Language:
Communication regardless of the type has been around since the beginning of time. When communicating there are three ways, which
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Science has declared that facial expressions have a universality as was stated in earlier times such as Darwin in 1872 (Matsumoto & Hwang, 2011). Darwin thought that facial expressions were biologically innate and evolutionary adaptive and that each culture had their own, which was later disproved (Matsumoto & Hwang, 2011). Facial expressions are biologically innate and evolutionary adaptable, but shows slight if any difference between cultures (Matsumoto & Hwang, 2011). After the ‘Universality Study’ by Tomkins, Paul Ekman and Carroll Izard that proved facial expressions showed very little difference if any between cultures when they were exposed to the same stimuli (Matsumoto & Hwang, 2011).
Gazing behavior expresses interest by holding a gaze and by not looking away (Miller, 2012, p. 146). Gazing behavior is considered to be the most important in nonverbal communication above the rest (Segal, Smith, Boose, & Jaffe, 2014). People communicate with their eyes more than any other part of their anatomy (Borg). Eye contact can show interest when someone is talking, showing affection, hostility, and attraction (Borg). With the belief that the face can tell someone more than any words spoken it is only a fair observation that the eyes reveal the most information (Borg). Gazing behavior is used to show someone that they are liked, to show control with a longer look, direct

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