Body Image And Nutrition By Teen Futures Media Network Essay

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Body Image and Nutrition by Teen Futures Media Network, which lists the effects of the media on body image of males and females as well as evidence on how it causes an increased focus on the appearance of females, and how it connects to eating disorders. This is from a website by Teen Futures Media Network, which organized conferences for educators, health professionals, and others with strategies for teaching youth about the media. Moreover, the Washington State Department of Health originally initiated this website by providing funding. This source is reverent towards the scientific lens of my research question as it provides evidence on how the media cause eating disorders. This will allow me to divulge deeper into the effects of those eating disorders on physical and emotional health. To add, these fast facts can serve as evidence for the social lens of my research question as it describes how the media insinuates an increased focus on appearance and a negative body image of males and females. There is some bias present as there are no positive effects of the media mentioned at all, however, this source simply lists facts.

The impact of the media on eating disorders in children and adolescents by Anne M Morris and Debra K Katzman discusses the effects of media on adolescents in relation to body image and eating disorders, different types of media exposure, and solutions to deal with the media’s impact on adolescents. This article is from the National Center for…

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