Body Cameras On Every Cop Essay

1580 Words Dec 18th, 2015 null Page
Police office need to have body cameras
Body cameras don’t always record all the events. People tend to behave better when they are on video. Body cameras are a net positive in law enforcement. While body cameras raises privacy concerns, I think every police officers need to wear a body camera to better their job because laws will enforce them, for personal safety, and prove of their job.
I found something tangible we can do to start making a change: Put body cameras on every cop (O’Mara). According to the report, “large majorities of Hispanics, whites and blacks say that whether an incident in which an unarmed African American is harmed or killed is videotaped plays a major role in whether or not the officer is charged with a crime” (O’Mara). Chicago police Jason Van Dyke has only just now, more than 400 days after the killing of black teen Laquan McDonald, been charged with murder in his death (O’Mara). It’s hard for anyone to disagree that the video was the key (O’Mara). Put body cameras on every cop. I know there are concerns about cost, data storage and privacy. But these are surmountable problems as demonstrated by the successful adoption by law enforcement agencies, big and small, all around the country (O’Mara). Communities will be able to see when cops are right and when they are wrong (O’Mara). The body cameras will prove polices jobs they are doing and also will make a positive change.
We need our police officers to be safe. Now those rules will be hammered out…

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