Essay on Bo Jackson : The Greatest Sport Athlete

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Bo Jackson “ Set your goals high, and don 't stop till you get there” said Vincent Edward Jackson best known as Bo Jackson the greatest multi sport athlete to ever play sports (BrainyQuote). By this quote Bo was basically saying don 't stop till you achieve your goal. Bo Jackson was born November 30 1962 in the city of Bessemer, Alabama and was the eighth sibling of his family (“Vincent Edward Jackson”).Bo was a multi talented athlete in baseball and football, but also he excelled on the track and qualified for the Olympics but never attended due to the responsibilities he had in baseball and football. Bo Jackson was hands down the greatest multi sport athlete because of his excellence in baseball, his success on the football field, and winning awards in both sports. Bo Jackson was one of the best baseball players in the time before his injury. Bo Jackson 's baseball career was very successful at the time that he was able to play. Before the injury Bo Jackson began his career in high school when senior year he was offered a contract by the Yankees, but turned it down to go on to college and attend the university of Auburn. Bo always said education is way more important than any sport. Bo had much success in his college baseball career, but his MLB career was more promising. Once Bo graduated from Auburn he went to the MLB, he achieved four 20 home run seasons which was rare and wasn 't a everyday thing only a select few players achieved that ("Bo Jackson graduates…

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