Bo Jackson: The Greatest Multi Sport Athlete

Bo Jackson “ Set your goals high, and don 't stop till you get there” said Vincent Edward Jackson best known as Bo Jackson the greatest multi sport athlete to ever play sports (BrainyQuote). By this quote Bo was basically saying don 't stop till you achieve your goal. Bo Jackson was born November 30 1962 in the city of Bessemer, Alabama and was the eighth sibling of his family (“Vincent Edward Jackson”).Bo was a multi talented athlete in baseball and football, but also he excelled on the track and qualified for the Olympics but never attended due to the responsibilities he had in baseball and football. Bo Jackson was hands down the greatest multi sport athlete because of his excellence in baseball, his success on the football field, and …show more content…
Bo wasn 't just a multisport athlete, he was the best he received many accolades in each of them. He won the 1985 sporting news college All American award. In 1985 he also won the tranquery award for excellence in amature sports. Jackson wasn 't only successful in baseball and football he also qualified for the olympic track team but decided not to attend. Jackson who was not a little guy he was 6 feet 1 inch and 230 pounds still holds the record for the fastest 40-yard dash time and hasn 't been broke ever since. Bo Led his team to a victory in the cotton bowl and received MVP. He won the rookie of the year award which is the best first year NFL player in the league. In 1999 Bo was selected to play in the Pro Bowl which was for only the best players in the NFL. Not only did Jackson get elected for sports awards he also was elected to 25 most intriguing people by People 's Magazine. After Bo’d return from his injury he was no longer allowed to play football but could continue his career in baseball. Because of his return after his very serious hip injury he won comeback player of the year ( "Bo Jackson - Awards And Accomplishments”).Bo retired shortly after coming back to baseball because of the injury that was still bothering him. Bo left the professional football league on the thought of what if he didn 't get injured and could have a full healthy career, imagine the records he could break and the history he could have

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