The Environmental Impact Of Human Dumping On The Ocean

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“Over 60% of our planet is covered by water more than a mile deep. The deep sea is the largest habitat on earth and is largely unexplored. More people have traveled into space than have traveled to the deep ocean realm....” -The Blue Planet Seas of Life. It is hard to believe that most of our planet is made up of vast oceans, practically right under our nose, yet so much is still unknown about it. To think that we have come across so much information, and made so many advances in regards to space, rather than our very own ocean’s depths to the fullest is almost baffling. The deep sea is anything below 1800 m below the surface. Most of the deep sea remains untouched, unseen, and unexplored. Our curiosities of this unknown lead to many stories, …show more content…
These impacts can be put in three major categories; which are littering and dumping, resource exploitation, and climate change. One of the biggest impacts humans have on this ecosystem is dumping litter in the oceans. Although it was banned in 1972, the effects are still present. Even today illegal littering continues to happen. Much of the plastic accumulates on the ocean 's floor, as well as chemicals like lead and mercury killing the organisms that come into contact with them. Secondly, many fisheries exploit deep sea resources due to the lack of them on land and in shallow waters. Although the climate change may play the biggest factor in years to come. Increased water temperature could devastate this ecosystem so badly due to the adaptations they have acquired to become so accustomed to what it is now, which inevitable will kill them. All these negative impacts could cause the loss of so many organisms and resources, many of which that have yet to be discovered, leaving them to be an opportunity missed or a mystery unsolved forever. To add, human structures such as platforms and pipelines also have an effect on marine life. For example, buildings such as oil platforms will be used by marine animals by them attaching themselves to it, therefore it may pose a great danger due to it being a popular spot for both fisherman and tourists to exploit the creatures that call it home. Lastly, pipelines pose an enormous threat due to the possibilities of leaks and bursts of tons of oil spinning into the ocean, and killing the marine life that has the misfortune of coming into contact with

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