Blue Front By Martha Collins Essay

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Segregation unfair equality, was caused by the majority of whites who believed that they were the leading race and took extensive measures to ensure that they kept social, economic, and political power over all minorities. The result of this power hungry race lead to several by-products, such as postcards of lynching’s, inequality, and segregation, that would leave a stain on the race for generations. But where do these horrible acts become acceptable? In the book Blue Front by Martha Collins, Cairo is one example of many communities where these ideals start and continue through families. The ideals given by parents to their children, are heled near and dear and adopted as truth. Parental influence on children and young generations has caused decades of oppression and avoidable conflicts.
During the period of racial segregation and discrimination, terrible measures of elimination were taken to keep the “American white tradition” safe and set in stone. White’s took the objective to lynch those who opposed their ideas, but most importantly, they lynched those who were colored just because of that constant fear that the colored people would soon be equal to those who are white and would therefore infect the white’s traditions. Certain measures, according to the white’s had to be taken in-order to protect themselves. One of the most physical yet mental ways of doing this was through private and public lynching’s. Not only did this affect the families of those being lynched, but…

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