Essay Blue Collar Brilliance By Mike Rose

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Every contemporary society endures a division among the people, whether it’s because of social, financial, or political reasons. Mike Rose, the author of “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” is a professor at UCLA and an outspoken contributor on the topics of literacy. Furthermore, “Blue-Collar Brilliance” was published in a prestigious magazine, American Scholar in 2009. Rose utilized various strategies to effectively attempt to persuade his readers through his personal experiences. The article is effective because it encompasses a variety of emotional appeals, and successfully exhibits its logical aspect of arguments; which establishes a connection between the past, and the contemporary belief regarding blue-collar jobs.
First, in his text, Rose effectively uses his personal experiences as a foundation for his claims to conceive the emotion of compassion towards the blue-collar workers. He does this by narrating his mother’s occupation as a waitress (Rose 272-273). He proceeds by establishing an understanding of the complexity of such jobs, by describing the hardships in his uncles paint factory (Rose 277). Rose also attempts to demonstrate that coming from a blue-collar environment doesn’t necessarily place a boundary on success, and pursuit of greater knowledge. Rose desires to establish an emotional connection outside of social boundaries, and achieve a respect for the group on the lower end of the social ladder. For example, Rose writes about his mother, and attempts to achieve…

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