Essay about Blue Collar Brilliance By Mike Rose

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What does it mean to be a part of America’s workforce? American society values working hard for money, and being a competent, and intelligent human being. In the article, “Blue Collar Brilliance”, author Mike Rose explains his experiences with blue collar workers, and how they are intelligent hard workers. He also explains how they often are overlooked due to the stereotype that they are less intelligent and capable compared to white collar workers. Even though blue collar workers do not use as many mathematical or writing skills as white collar workers, they have their own unique type of intelligence. Blue collar workers also help make the rest of the population’s lives easier. In addition, blue collar workers have more labor intensive tasks than white collar workers, which makes their jobs more difficult. Blue collar workers deserve to be appreciated as much as white collar workers, due to their capabilities and contributions to society. One reason that is, is that blue collar workers help make the rest of the population’s lives easier. In “Blue Collar Brilliance” Rose made this clear when he was talking about his mother as a waitress. He described how she had to cater to the needs of the customer and, “her tip depended on how well she responded to these needs, from psychological ones, including the ones that accompany hunger, to a sometimes complicated desire for human contact” (Rose 246). In this example, not only is his mother serving customers food that they could…

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