Blood Spatter Research Paper

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Blood Spatter:
Low-velocity blood spatter would be any pattern is produced due to gravity being the only acting force (Gaensslen, Harris, & Lee, 2008, pg. 88).
Medium-Velocity Blood spatter is where moderate force is applied from objects which can cause pooled blood to scatter in multiple directions surrounding the contact (Gaensslen, Harris, & Lee, 2008, pg. 89).
“High-velocity blood spatter is the where extreme force acting on the blood source (Gaensslen, Harris, & Lee, 2008, pg. 89)."
Blood Spatter is used in crime scenes to help in multiple ways. One way that that blood spatter can help is to help identify the object used based on the pattern of the spatter. They can help determine the direction of the assault or weapon used. The blood spatter can also help determine if it was intended to be a suicide or a murder based on the angel of how the spatter hit. Blood spatter is a very unique and power tool used in forensic science in today’s world.
Evidence class & individual characteristics:
Evidence Class characteristics would be defined as items of a class basically a simplistic description of an item. For example, color, size, shape, brand (Gaensslen, Harris, & Lee, 2008, pg. 110).
Evidence Individual
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I would be inclined to confirm that the perpetrator did leave a shoe print which would allow investigators to track all shoe purchases as a means of locating the suspect. It would also show that he was careless and in a rush. This to me would show that it was not planned and not a thought out crime. He was careless in his actions which means there could be other potential evidence that he/she has left at the crime scene which means you may find other evidence which would help you locate them. This suspect is determined to be a disorganized offender which means they act spontaneously, irrationally without thought and with extreme violence (Hutchinson, 2012, p.

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