Blood Movie ' Blood Out ' Essay examples

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The movie I decided to analyze for this assignment is Blood In Blood Out. This movie is about two Latino brothers, Cruz and Paco, and their cousin, Miclo, who is half white and half Latino, and how their lives are affected by the pact they have to always stick together and fight for each other. Later on in the movie the guys are separated after many conflicts they encountered between each other and with others. Cruz turns to drugs, Paco becomes a detective, and Miclo goes to prison. There are many different forms of communication and relationships between the characters, and there is also a great amount of conflict, which is why I chose this movie. Chapter two in the book discusses culture and interpersonal communication. There are many different types of culture that is presented throughout this movie. In the movie Paco is always treating Miclo poorly and intentionally puts him down with hurtful words because of his appearance of blond hair and blue eyes. Miclo’s white father however, also treats him and his mother poorly because of their Latino culture. I found this to be a good example of ethnocentrism, where someone chooses to not accept someone else’s culture because they think that their own culture is superior (DeVito, 2016). This chapter also mentions something called collective culture where group values are very important to the members (DeVito, 2016). This is basically what the whole movie is based on. Paco, Cruz, Miclo, and all their friends have a gang, and…

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